See the Clinically Proven Advantages of NBI in Laryngeal Cancer Detection

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How Does Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) Work?

Olympus Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) is an optical technology available for a variety of medical disciplines which helps to visualize the minutest vascular and mucosal patterns. NBI uses only wavelenghts absorbed by hemoglobin for maximum contrast.

A number of studies highlight the clinical value of NBI, especially with regard to the detection of cancer and characterization of suspicious mucosal areas.

Compared to white-light endoscopy, the images of capillaries are less blurred and the probability of missing a lesion is reduced.

NBI for ENT in a Nutshell

  • Exclusive optical technology built in all the recent Olympus imaging systems.
  • NBI is currently the only technology, that works with Full-HD and Ultra-High Definition systems (see Olympus 4K system).
  • NBI can be used in the office with flexible scopes as well as in the operating room with rigid scopes.

NBI Optimizes Clinical Outcomes in ENT

Clinical Value

Numerous studies, including a growing number of RCTs and meta-analyzses, highlight the clinical value of NBI, especially with regard to the detection of cancer and thorough examination of suspicious mucosal areas. By providing high image quality and contrast in Full- HD or Ultra High Definition, NBI may reduce the surgical margin and also the number of biopsies.


NBI offers superior efficacy compared to white-light endoscopy in the early diagnosis of laryngeal cancer in pre-, intra-and post-operative stages. As tumors can be detected at an early stage using NBI technology, complications and the time a patient spends at a hospital can be reduced. Early diagnosis and treatment is thought to result in a reduction in future treatments and recurrence of the disease.

NBI comes with Olympus Medical equipment at no additional cost for extra equipment, disposables, or drugs. It is a key function of the Olympus endoscopy system, and has been shown to provide clinical quality, efficiency gain, and cost savings in other indications.[4,5]

High Versatility and Easy Handling

NBI is suitable for numerous endoscopy procedures in ENT such as laryngoscopy, larynx, oral cavity, and sinus surgery as well as in otology. NBI is part of all Olympus imaging systems, such as VISERA ELITE II. It can be used with flexible and rigid scopes and is available at the push of a button, allowing for convenient usage with no extra manual configuration before the procedure.

Olympus ENT Products with NBI for the Operating Room or Office