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To improve your colonoscope insertion technique in your daily practice


3D-Image-Navigation System

ScopeGuide provides a real-time 3D image of the position and configuration of the endoscope inside the colon. Navigation through the colon becomes easier and patients experience less discomfort as loops can be identified more quickly.

How ScopeGuide Works

Electromagnetic coils incorporated along the length of the dedicated scope’s insertion tube generate a pulsed low-intensity magnetic field that is picked up by the receiver dish.
The magnetic pulses are used to calculate the precise position and orientation of the insertion tube to generate a three-dimensional image on the monitor.

Key Benefits

By continuously showing an accurate 3D construction of the position and configuration of the endoscope, ScopeGuide increases the cecal intubation rate for both inexperienced and experienced gastroenterologists and improves cecal intubation time.

Precise display of the endoscope configuration helps gastroenterologists to identify and mitigate endoscope loops, which will lead to less patient pain.

Using ScopeGuide and colonoscopes with Responsive Insertion Technology reduces the amount of sedative drugs needed and contributes to quicker patient recovery.

Training using anatomical cues to support trainees and peers in becoming proficient in colonoscopy.

Product Details

Accurate 3D Display

A smooth and fast 3D image allows you to accurately track the endoscope during colonoscopy and provides immediate feedback on any developments during the manipulation of the endoscope.

Picture-in-Picture Functionality

Used in conjunction with a monitor offering picture-in-picture functionality, the ScopeGuide image is viewed alongside the endoscopic image, allowing you to view only a single monitor, bringing considerable ergonomic benefits.

Compatible with Our Latest Colonoscopes

Our latest colonoscopes, CF-HQ190 and PCF-H190D, have built-in ScopeGuide functionality that results in keeping the instrument channel free for therapeutic procedures.

Compatible with MAJ-1878 Probe

MAJ-1878 probe expands the capability of ScopeGuide by inserting it into our colonoscopes without built-in ScopeGuide functionality.

Basic Techniques of Colonoscope Insertion

Training with CM-15 colon phantom and ScopeGuide

Expert Comment and Clinical Case Study

Clinical Case Study from Professor Brian Saunders

Consultant Gastroenterologist, St Mark’s Hospital
Adjunct Professor of Endoscopy, Imperial College

Wolfson Unit for Endoscopy
St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow, Middlesex, UK

Comment from Professor Brian Saunders